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Small Construction Firms and Project Managers Can Count on the All-In-One Solution to Organize their Businesses

DocuWrx has announced the release of their latest business management tool, Kosmas One. This introductory, single-user version of Kosmas, DocuWrx’s flagship software, allows users to track prospects, create quotes, manage projects, publish schedules, handle HR functions and much more. Kosmas One is the FREE business software for specialty contractors, construction firms and field service organizations. If you have a limited IT budget and a serious need for a comprehensive business solution, Kosmas One is the perfect match for you!

In the Construction industry, to successfully execute a job, firms must manage a lengthy lists of tasks and maintain accurate records. With Kosmas One, firms will win jobs with their ability to easily track bids, build exact quotes and provide savings by managing labor costs appropriately. Due to the nature of commercial construction jobs, project managers must have consistent access to accurate information. No more digging through file cabinets or hunting for change orders hiding beneath mountains of paperwork; with the all-in-one solution, project details can be stored in a comprehensive database that houses all of the documents and pertinent information related to each of your specific jobs. Kosmas One even handles the complex and tedious processes of calculating DBA prevailing wages, certified payroll, job costing, and scheduling.

Ecstatic about the software release, CEO Eric Miller explains, “With Kosmas One, managers needing a free all-in-one solution to run their business, track complex projects, schedule staff, or simply get organized finally have an effective tool.  Small firms and division managers with limited IT budgets now have access to the same powerful tools offered by other expensive software providers at no cost to their organization.”

Kosmas One is also the ideal solution for anyone managing the operations of a small or medium sized Field Service firm. The software is designed to increase efficiency and improve workflow by seamlessly managing the many tasks involved in day-to-day field service operations; this includes managing leads, creating quotes with detailed line items, filing important paperwork, processing field purchases, taking payments for jobs and generating receipts. Kosmas One even includes QuickBooks Online Integration, invoicing, and equipment tracking.

The new DocuWrx solution, Kosmas One, allows companies to gain a full quote-to-cash understanding of their jobs by running the software on a single desktop or laptop (running Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher, or Apple OS X 10.10 or higher). To learn more about how Kosmas One can help you today, visit

Kosmas Pro

If your organization needs more than one user, mobility, and unlimited user support, DocuWrx invites you to upgrade to Kosmas Pro. This advanced version allows multiple users to utilize the solution in the cloud, on the web or on your own server. Kosmas Pro also allows you to access it on phones, tablets, includes time clock, device GPS tracking, and limited access when internet is unavailable. For more information about Kosmas Pro, please visit

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